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Borge Beer Poster Campaign

Borge Beer

Poster Campaign

The Comeback Poster

The Comeback


Helicover Poster Design


Poster Design

Protocol National  Bloodhound Poster

Protocol National

Bloodhound Poster

Escort & Co. Advertisement

Escort & Co.


Philip Kingsley Poster Design

Philip Kingsley

Poster Design

Alfa Mito Advertisement

Alfa Mito


Digital City Poster Design

Digital City

Poster Design

Celsius Mission Poster Design

Celsius Mission

Poster Design

Soldier London Advertisement

Soldier London


St. Tropez Advertisement

St. Tropez


Ray Ban Poster Concept

Ray Ban

Poster Concept

  • 'I have been fortunate to work with Highground Whilst trying to push the marketing of our company.'

    'They have really helped put the ideas forward graphically in different mediums.'

    Mary-Jane Alexander
    Marketing Assitant,

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A well designed poster is an extremely effective method of distributing messages, indeed, the art of poster design is an ancient and trusted one. Similarly, an advert that strikes a chord is rarely forgotten.


Highghround specialise in creating effective poster and advert design that capture the exact message a client needs to express. The correct distribution of colour, image and typography is vital in order to assemble a successful design.


Posters and adverts can be created in many different ways and in hundreds of different formats, from billboards to magazines, wall banners to football signs. The possibilities are vast.

For Poster and Advert Design call (01642) 679958 or 612675 or <click here> to send e-mail