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Sharing a Stage with the World's Fastest Car

Project entry added: 28/4/2011


The Bloodhound SSC Project was founded in 2008 by London's Science Musem, it's intention is to break the current land speed record by the largest ever margin.  Led by hardy adventurers Richard Noble and Andy Green, they hope to launch their super sonic car (SSC) at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa in 2011/2012.


Propelled by an EJ200 Eurojet and hybrid rocket engine - Bloodhound will travel at Mach 1.4 (that's 1,000mph) in an attempt to better the current land speed record which currently resides at 760mph, originally achieved by Bloodhound's own Andy Green.  Details are sketchy on the miles-per-gallon of the new car, and the turning circle is questionable, but its speed is unrivaled - going from 0 to an incredible 1,000mph in only 42 seconds! (insurance is also expensive).


Stage Design:



(click image to enlarge)

Stage design as seen from the front, with the Bloodhound car occupying centre stage.


Highground developed the artwork, look, style and accompanying periphery items such as promotional items, podium designs etc.


Funding the Bloodhound Project hasn't come cheap, or easily - but money is vital to the success of the mission.  With a strong educational ethos to help inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, Bloodhound has toured schools, universities and colleges to build interest and create excitement.  This has led to vast interest from young learners, and contributions and sponsorship from seemingly unlikely sources.  With opportunities to include logos on the actual vehicle, and the educational aspect, Protocol National, a company that provides staffing to colleges, decided to offer their support.


Highground designed the artwork of the installation, and almost every promotional item which garnered the stage.  No mean feat given the tight deadlines which all exhibitions usually dictate.

Second Stage


Firstly, the preparation for the main stage needed to be carefully designed and and created to meet the stringent dimensions already in place and agreed.  The intention was to 'set' the Bloodhound car amongst the proposed site of the forthcoming record attempt at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa.  Typically, the destination proved pictorially problematic so an alternative was sourced.  The alternative, in typical Hollywood-esque fashion, looked more real than the real destination itself.


The actual shot developed for the exhibition, Urich, Egypt.



(click image to enlarge)

Pictured left is the actual shot developed and used at the exhibition.

Photographed by Natalia Urich in Egypt, near to Hurgad - it became representative of Hakskeen Pan and proved the ideal setting for the Bloodhound car used at the exhibition.


The Bloodhound SSC


Below - the actual exhibition which shows the shot in action with the real Bloodhound SSC vehicle.


Blocking-in the Colour



(click image to enlarge)

Once the exhibition stand, side panels, monitor frames, poster drops, cabinets, doors etc. had been designed, measured and supplied for assembly - the focus moved swiftly on to the promotional material required for the event.

Promotional Material


Once the exhibition stand, side panels, monitor frames, poster drops, cabinets, doors etc. had been designed, measured and supplied for assembly - the focus moved swiftly on to the promotional material required for the event.


Promotional Item in Action



(click image to enlarge)

Stage and Podium Design



(click image to enlarge)

More Promotion (to the left)



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With each promotional item requiring its own special care and attention, deadlines ran very tight in efforts to co-ordinate and retain a level of quality that a leading exhibitor and revered company must adhere to.  Highground has designed for Protocol for many years so brand familiarity is helpful, but must also be steadfastly retained throughout - this means there are no margins for error.  To offer some idea of the volume of items required, here is a brief (yet non-exhaustive) list:


cylindrical biscuit tins, china cups, invitations, gatefold brochures, booklets, promotional 'carry-all' bags, stand design with periphery installations, posters, business cards, leaflets etc. etc. (you get the idea).

Successful Mission


The Bloodhound event proved extremely successful for both Protocol and the Bloodhound Project.  With many visitors intrigued and enthused (not only from the many promotional items up for grabs!) - the job was done and the message had been delivered; use Protocol to find jobs in colleges, follow Bloodhound and you too could become an engineer or world famous adventurer!


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With thanks to Protocol National for the supply of the photographs shown in this article.